85b) "...By Building Up the Social Fabric of Our Neighbourhood."

In this, the last weekly episode after 100 consecutive weeks over 2 years, Mark reviews the journey of the WikiGod Project, and walks through his key "personal waypoints" that led from "there" to "here." You'll hear about:

  • Exponential 2014 and Michael Frost's “live a questionable life'”
  • Hugh Halter and "my house as a missional outpost;”
  • Karen Wilk and “don’t invite them to church;”
  • John Fuder and “your neighbourhood person of peace;”
  • Bivo Conference in Denver and “the power of working and living among;”
  • The Abundant Community and “the 3 marks of competent community;”
  • The Art of Neighbouring's block map;
  • World Vision's workshop and “community sites of significance;”
  • Tamarack Institute and “knowing neighbours’ names;”
  • The One Thing “Mark needs to focus on…;”
  • Rick Tobias and “pastoring the people;"
  • Howard Lawrence and The Abundant Community Initiative in Edmonton.

Reflecting on all the ideas, stops, and starts of the last many years, Mark can only conclude that God seems to lead some of us to a defined area so that God can then lead us to an undiscovered area - an area we never knew existed. But to get us "there," God has to bring us "here" first.

And now, after all that, the culmination of the WikiGod Project is Mark about to launch out full-time into a new venture to help people discover abundant lives by intentionally building up the social fabric of our neighbourhoods.


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