35) The B.E.L.L.S. and D.N.A. of "Doing to Learn" | Junia (Part 2)

Bless, eat, listen, learn, and journal (sent) - it's Michael Frost's "BELLS challenge," and it's an ideal way forward for Jesus-followers who feel stuck in the rut of going Sunday to Sunday with no push or encouragement to really emulate Jesus in personal relationships and rhythms during the week. This week, Mark breaks down the five habits, lays out why they're best practiced with a group with others, and gets us stoked for forming a BELLS group called The Alter this fall!

Read Frost's full e-book, The Five Habits of Highly Missional People on ForgePDX.org.

Then Mark sits down again with musical group Junia. This week, the WikiGod community is treated to an exclusive first-listen of Junia's brand-new, not-yet-released single The Woods off of their new upcoming EP, My Favourite People.

Junia invites you to their CD release party on June 13th at Adelaide Hall in Toronto. They will be joined by special guests Eric Brandon and Chad Price. Stay tuned to their website and Facebook page for more details as they become available!

In this week's Part 2 of the conversation, Junia's core members David, Amy, and Joel talk about the process of writing music and what they value and how that comes through in lyrics. They discuss the fundamental elements of trust, respect, comfort, and vulnerability in working together as a team. And they share thoughts on being Christians who are a band rather than a "Christian band," why the difference is important, the virtues and shortcomings of the music "industry," and how Jesus-following effects their ethics and practice in all aspects of living.

Recorded on location at Marche Brookfield Place.


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