4) Hospitocalypse Now | Dr. Sean Davidson

In this episode, Mark works through the idea of "hospitality" as a way of bringing the so-called "age to come" into the present. We sketch the Christian heritage of hospitality going back from the Hebrew Scriptures to Jesus and through to the early churches. But hospitality holds a surprise for those of us seeking to follow in this way, and an exploration of the flip-side of hospitality through deconstruction sheds new light on its challenges and a way towards "pure" hospitality. 

Then he sits down this week with Dr. Sean Davidson of St. Paul’s Bloor St. Anglican Church in Toronto. With Sean’s story as the backdrop, he and Mark talk about community, different expressions of faith and denominations, the Lord’s Supper, being hosted by Jesus, "coming to faith," small groups, and of course, redeeming Facebook.