43) Saved by Grace; Called to Good Works | Dr. Ian Scott (Part 1)

Have you heard about a guy named Paul? Chances are, if you've ever picked up a Bible, you have. This week, Mark talks about how the Church has wrapped their heads around the Apostle Paul and his writing, and about some contemporary approaches on how we understand him. Then Mark discusses a different way in how we understand the Old Testament and Jewish law. Could it be that in the same way we respond to the gift of grace given to us through the covenant of Jesus Christ, the Old Testament Jewish law was a response from the grace and covenant given to the Jews by God?

Then Mark sits down with Dr. Ian Scott, Associate Professor of New Testament at Tyndale University College Seminary. From childhood to youth pastor to his role in academia, Dr. Scott brings us through his life growing up in Ontario, his time at Regent College and his path to ultimately pursue the intellectual side of learning and teaching. Dr. Scott shares his thoughts and work as we understand Paul the person, and how we wrestle with his writings for the Church.


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Dr. Ian Scott (Part 2) – Associate Professor of New Testament at Tyndale University College Seminary