44) The Vocation Comes on the Vacation | Dr. Ian Scott (Part 2)

When was the last time you took a vacation? Mark is on vacation this week, but he's left us with some thoughts in this week's podcast! Should we have times of rest as followers of Christ? Of course! Should we have times to step away from loving our neighbours and the people around us? Mark speaks about the rhythm of vocation and vacation, and reminds us that although vacation doesn't excuse us from loving God and other people, it does help us prepare to do the messy work of loving those around us.

Then Mark sits down for Part 2 with Dr. Ian Scott, Associate Professor of New Testament at Tyndale University College Seminary. Dr. Ian Scott discusses how we come to know theology and addresses some of our own overlooked biases in how we think. Further on in the conversation, Dr. Scott talks about how the Apostle Paul composes together his knowledge of Old Testament law and story, with the apparent emergence of the Holy Spirit in an unexpected group of Gentile people. The question for us becomes, how do we understand and value the Old Testament and the traditions of the Church, while leaving space for God to work in fresh new ways? 


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