45) The Power of "I Am" (vs. "I've Been") | Eryn-Faye Frans (Part 1)

C'mon - admit it. You've got a thing. Something about your character or behaviour you wish you could improve or make go away. Maybe our biggest problem is not the thing itself - or even our trouble changing it. Maybe it's that we can't tell anyone. One of the subtle ways we cover over our very real and present struggles is by saying, "I've been ______" instead of "I am ______." This week, Mark encourages us to step into the light - whether it's around sex or anger or gambling or substance or any number of afflictions - and unflinchingly discover the power of admitting: "I am."

Then Mark sits down with Eryn-Faye Frans, Canada's Passion Coach. We're talking about sex! This week in Part 1 of the conversation, Eryn-Faye talks about how the church needs to model Jesus in being the place where our vulnerabilities are central, about how Eryn-Faye's difficulty in finding emotional support in the church inspired her to be a support for others and to use bedroom toys as a way into people's lives and stories. She shares her insights on our stigmas and responses around sex, the "three c's" of relationship, and the many myths around sex in our culture.

'So much more to come in Part 2 next week!


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Eryn-Faye Frans (Part 2) – Canada's Passion Coach, Author