46) Wikiing God with the Living and the Dead | Eryn-Faye Frans (Part 2)

Can we wiki God with the living... and the dead? This past week, Mark visited a church where the pastor caricaturized the ancient Israelites as having an "impersonal" relationship with God - in contrast to the "personal" God of the modern-day Christian. But if you could go back in time and ask, would the ancient Israelite have agreed with that? Mark reflects on how wikiing God means stepping into the shoes of another, and that doesn't just mean your neighbour Larry. Rather, we can apply the disciplines of empathy and understanding to the ancients and their texts in order to become more informed and gracious interpreters of both the past and the present.

Then... "arrrrh" you ready? Mark sits down with Eryn-Faye Frans, Canada's Passion Coach. We're talking about sex again! This week in Part 2 of the conversation, Eryn-Faye talks about how our bodies are designed by for pleasure by a God who is desires pleasure for us. She then takes us through the nine essential elements of sex in a "lightning round" segment, and gives us some very helpful insights about Ontario's new sex ed curriculum and how best to talk to our children about sex and their bodies.


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