47) Tribe or Trinity? | Dr. Marion Taylor (Part 1)

Are we really expected to fight one of our most fundamentally human urges? While tribalism is one of our most instinctual drives, the way of Jesus seems to challenge us to constantly keep it in check - even repudiate tribalism - always for the sake of the other. Yet, while I am not you and you are not me, our existence is contingent on each other: without you, I am not me, and vice versa. Taking a lead from what Father, Son, and Spirit of God demonstrate in the Trinity, Mark is reminded this week that divine differentiation is a key to being distinct, dependent, and ever open to the new.

Then Mark sits down with Dr. Marion Taylor of Wycliffe College to talk about how we interpret the Bible. Editor of The Handbook of Women Interpreters, Marion tells us first about her recent work on the controversial books of Esther and Ruth, then shares how in her youth her burning questions about the Bible led her into voracious academic pursuits. With an interest in how people interpret the same passages differently, Marion focuses on the history of interpretation throughout the ages and how sharing our interpretations makes us more humble readers, better interpreters, and less prone to errors in our handling of ancient sacred text. Finally, Marion shares how she started to uncover the lost works of women interpreters, leading to her lifelong project and major contribution to scholarship.


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