48) "Just Play in It" | Dr. Marion Taylor (Part 2)

How responsible do you feel for it all? Reflecting on his recent trip to Denver for the Bivocational National Conference, Mark shares how even after all the lectures, sessions, workshops, and meaningful conversations, one solitary moment sealed all others: it happened Sunday morning on a Colorado mountain with an insight about God, the world, and how our calls to ministry - in the church, in the marketplace, in academia - are invitations to play in all that God has called into being.

Then Mark sits down with Dr. Marion Taylor of Wycliffe College to talk about how we interpret the Bible. Editor of The Handbook of Women Interpreters, Marion expounds in Part 2 on factors that allowed Catholic women's writings to endure where those of Protestant women didn't and why European women enjoyed more posterity than women in North America. She talks about how even as many literary women wrote fiction that would become timeless Western classics, their stories were rooted in Scripture and faith, and she gives us a roadmap into how we might read women interpreters' worldviews. She tells us how women influenced social justice and shaped a culture, and shares how when we uncover lost writings of women, we recover a cohort of mentors for a new generation.


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