49) Let's Cut Right to the Shalom | Youngdo Kang (Part 1)

Paradise. Picture it. No, really... take a second. Ok. What flashed in your mind? While specific details would vary from person to person, it's likely that we all share images of happy, fruitful relationships where we all have what we need, intimacy is flourishing, and everyone is fulfilled 7 days a week. Are we really working to achieve that? This week, Mark suggests that the church might be spending too much time in choke-point activities (services, classes, groups) rather than collapsing shalom straight into and onto the troubles in our neighbourhoods. Proposal: let's cut out the narrow middle and spend most of our time and resources on bringing "the state of being well" - in every sense - to homes and families closest to us.

Then Mark sits down with Youngdo Kang of City Lights. As fellow pastors and outside-the-box church practitioners, Mark and Youngdo hit it off and Youngdo shares his story of coming (back) to God, his experiences ministering in both traditional and innovative models, his observations about how culture shapes faith and religious practice and how Jesus challenges that, and about the importance, challenges, and rewards of intentionally developing youth and young adults.

Find out the story of City Lights next week in Part 2!


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