50) The Making of an Archetype | Youngdo Kang (Part 2)

You've got a fire in your belly - an idea that's new to you, you're excited about it, and you're positioning yourself to execute a plan. And then it happens: you find out, "But that's already been done before, and it failed." This week, Mark reflects on a week where he shared his vision of mindful neighbouring with someone and was told "but that's been done before, and it failed. It was just a church fad." He shares the disappointment that followed from that, but then a newfound determination: where others have tried and not succeeded, there may be a swath of wisdom and experience now laid out by previous pioneers - and becasue of it, a path that may allow the next person to reach levels not attained by anyone who has gone before.

Then Mark sits down with Youngdo Kang of City Lights. As fellow pastors and outside-the-box church practitioners, Mark and Youngdo hit it off and Youngdo shares in Part 2 the story of how City Lights got started, what it means, and why they exist. Youngdo expounds on the virtues of hip hop, what is redeeming about the medium, and the pain of those who have been stigmatized because of certain styles or tastes. He shares his longing for what church can be for and through kids who love hip hop, and his vision for a new reputation ascribed to the hip hop community.


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