51) (In)Hospitable Neighbourhoods Are Polite and Entertaining | Thea Prescod (Part 1)

"If I throw my home open to the neighbourhood, I won't have any privacy or time to myself anymore." It's a valid concern. This week, Mark shares how loving neighbours creates the context for showing Jesus in the neighbourhood, but there are practical objections, often around a dirty house or having other things to do. But hospitality needs healthy boundaries to thrive, and it needs to be contrasted with entertaining. Hospitality is not entertaining; it is being authentic and vulnerable. Hospitality is not surrendering our privacy and work in the name of politeness; it is inviting someone into our rhythms and messy lives.

Then Mark sits down with Thea Prescod of Sanctuary Toronto, and co-founder of Junia's Daughters. A street nurse for many years, Thea now integrates new members into community at Sanctuary particularly women and our First Nations neighbours. In Part 1 of the conversation, Thea talks about how she gravitated to doing nurse week on the street with some of Toronto's most vulnerable people, the organizations that supported her along, and people who influenced her along the way. She sheds light on the plights of people she is in community with, what their needs are, and how she is served by them, and she discusses how relationship and friendship with street-involved folks can not only be maintained but also become most rewarding. 


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Thea Prescod (Part 2) – Nurse, Member of Sanctuary Toronto, Co-Founder of Junia's Daughters