52) "It's Just (Not) For Me" | Thea Prescod (Part 2)

Face it: someone's always got a "better way" than you do. Either you let that get you down, or you fight to convince the world that your way is best. Well, what if there's a better way than insisting on your better way? This week, Mark was inspired and convicted by the universal theme of unity that emerged from a years' worth of guests as he put together the Year-In-Review show for Joy1250AM. And he suggests that perhaps we need to just own our "differentnesses" - be that about church models, or doctrine, or even parenting styles - and say to each other, "I see your way. I see how it's effective. But it's just not for me."

Then Mark sits down with Thea Prescod of Sanctuary Toronto, and co-founder of Junia's Daughters. A street nurse for many years, Thea now integrates new members into community at Sanctuary particularly women and our First Nations neighbours. In Part 2 of the conversation, Thea talks about how being marginalized as a black kid in a white community contributed to her troubled teens and her sensitivity for inclusion as she got older. She shares what drew her to nursing, and particularly to caring for street-involved Torontonians. Finally, she touches on how people of faith might engage in and with empire, and shares her vision for a good city.


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