55) If I Want Your Experience, I'll Ask For It | Colin McCartney (Part 1)

What if your dearest-held belief has simply been a result of your experience? Chances are, it has - or at least been heavily shaped by it. Mark kicks off a new year of podcasts with an exploration of how we need to answer the call to unity in the church and in our communities by 1) listening to and understanding the details of a perspective at odds with my own, and 2) learning about the experiences of the person who holds that view. In this, we will gain new grace in our diversity and more resemble the twelve disciples and the habits of Jesus.

Then Mark sits down with Rev. Colin McCartney of Connect Leadership Ministries - author of Red Letter Revolution and The Beautiful Disappointment, and founder of Urban Promise Toronto. This week in Part 1, Colin talks about being a kid in Montreal, his early influences towards social justice, the positives of a conservative upbringing, how he landed in a youth group, and some of the early events that catalyzed Colin's heart to provide friends and mentors for kids and young people. And of course... slurpee stains.


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