57) The Healthily Disinterested Christian/Citizen | Dr. Blake Martin (Part 1)

"I find politics extremely disinteresting." It's been a long and heavy election season in Canada, and election season drags on in the U.S. Families and friends are inherently divided by the system, and we look to put the pieces of relationships together after months of violence metaphors like "battle," "fight," "defeat," and the like. This week, Mark shares what he's discovered in Anabaptist theology: holding a healthy, disinterested (NOT UNinterested!) engagement in politics and policy, while maintaining the conviction that changed hearts set on following Jesus are the force that will change the world - and such hearts need no policy or coercion.

Then Mark sits down again with Dr. Blake Martin, research scientist and professor of dance at York University. Blake talks about the fortuitous effects of falling through a stained-glass window as a kid, how he was drawn to science from the earliest age, and his impressions of the Christians in the neighbourhood. He recalls how science drew him towards God and raised questions about the spiritual. Then, he shares about the power of both dance and yoga and how movement has a direct impact on brain health. Finally, he starts to unpack what it means to be a "Zen existentialist Christian" and the discipline of embracing mystery.


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Dr. Blake Martin (Part 2): professor, speaker, dancer/neuroscientist