58) What's in a Core? | Dr. Blake Martin (Part 2)

"Why did you decide not to start a church in your living room with an open call and see who showed up?" This week Mark explains a change of tack for The Alter's launch and responds to a direct question from a listener who wonders what are the key components of a "core group" in starting a new enterprise. In a nutshell: unconditional presence/friendship, support with/without agreement, and total trust - these are the components that make up a healthy launch team for any journey - and these components imply a pre-existing relationship independent of the initiative. 

Then Mark sits down again with Dr. Blake Martin, research scientist and professor of dance at York University. In this week's Part 2, Blake muses about the mystery of the Incarnation and how science compels him towards God rather than away from faith. Then Mark and Blake playfully debate the uses and usefulness of Myers-Briggs, and Blake explains how our discover-wiring aids us in re-encounter God in richer ways throughout a lifetime. He then unpacks the "existentialist" angle to his spirituality, how we might find meaning in the randomness of life, and finally... about the latest scientific insights on the brain and its benefits and risks. 


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