59) God Is Smiling | Joel Gordon (Part 1)

Does God really smile? Cry? Feel angry? Regret? This week, Mark recounts all the events and tasks that led up to inviting all the households on his street to a neighbours potluck drop-in. From creating invitations, to baking cookies, to cutting paper, to bagging, stapling, and putting it all together - when Mark and the kids take to the street on a chilly Saturday afternoon, Mark gets the unshakable sense that God is smiling. What do you need to be on about that might give you that tangible feeling - that what you're doing is so in the zone of God's vision for you, that it makes God... smile?

Then Mark sits down with Joel Gordon - actor, director, producer, pastor, and co-founder of The Love Movement. Joel talks about his childhood, his early "breaks" in the film industry, and what ultimately prompted him to walk away from acting. He talks about creating stories - participating in telling stories he didn't want to be a part of telling, and ultimately moving towards telling stories that are uplifting and redemptive. He shares how years ago he started to feel that his ambitions were gaining an unhealthy priority in his life, and contrasts a period in his life when "Jesus was Saviour" with the process of accepting for himself that "Jesus is Lord." Finally, he traces how God spoke directly to him on multiple occasions, how God led him to the path he pursues today, and how it all started by hanging out with young people.


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