6) Enraging(ly) Good News | Greg Paul

This past week, Canadians were unified in horror as we watched the violent and tragic events that unfolded in Ottawa. And as the smoke cleared and the shots yielded to silence, the stories emerged. Stories of heroes and villains. Of bravery and cowardice. Mark explores these polar values and wonders where and how the good news of Jesus factors in for Canadians who are Jesus-followers - for angry, grieving citizens who are also commissioned with the call of grace and forgiveness. Two thousand years ago, Jesus' good news offended the comfortable and the powerful - the God-followers of his day. Ultimately, we must confront the same challenges to our solidarities, whether country and/or outcast, empire and/or criminal.

Then Mark sits down with Greg Paul, founding minister of Sanctuary Toronto and author of three books: God in the Alley, The Twenty-Piece Shuffle, and Close Enough to Hear God Breathe. Greg talks about the early events that led him towards life and ministry with street-involved people. In the conversation, he challenges conventional ideas ranging from poverty to sin to serving; he explains the points of connection between pastoring and activism, discusses the need to say little and be present, shares his convictions about redemption, wrestles with the paradox of God and suffering, and reflects on why he writes about the stories of his own life and the lives of his friends at Sanctuary. Look for his new book in January 2015.

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