61) Girard, Jesus, and Opting Out | Jordan Heywood aka Orijin (Part 1)

The same things that make us friends make us enemies. Huh? This week, Mark commemorates the renowned literary critic Rene Girard and does his best to break down one of Girard's most poignant concepts: mimetic rivalry. According to Girard, people are drawn together by common affinities but then compete for those same things. The social breakdown leads to scapegoating: an agreed-upon villain - a sacrificial victim - that leads to the brief reunification of the mob. But then along comes Jesus, and he opts out. And he implores us to do the same. And the end of mimetic rivalry is the change of everything - the key to a world of peace.

Read the referenced Girard article here.

Then Mark sits down with Jordan Heywood, aka Orijin - emcee and rap artist. Jordan talks about some of the most influential people in his life as he got into the kind of work that led him to work with Yonge Street Mission Evergreen. Then he talks about hearing Taleb Kweli for the first time and how it blew open his world to the possibilities of the genre and inspired him to write his own rhymes. Finally, Mark and Jordan discuss nuances of the medium, the line between artist and character in the stories of hip hop lyrics, and how dark art can teach deeper truths on the human experience and what it is to live well.


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