62) Forgiven By the Lamb - Or For It? | Jordan Heywood aka Orijin (Part 2)

Wait... if Jesus was our scapegoat and not God's - did God need Jesus's blood spilled? This week as a sort of Part 2 from last week, Mark dives into John the Revelator's take on Jesus as "lamb," and explores the horizons and limits of the "lamb" metaphor in Hebrew thought. Hearkening to the original Passover and the akedah (Abraham and Issac), Mark posits that "the lamb" is a sign of deliverance in the Hebrew scriptures, but we go too far to iconize the lamb's slaughter as a sin-washing act. If that's so, then John is calling attention to Jesus as the deliverer of humankind... but his murder was accomplishing something else: our murder of God's Son closed the chain of violence in history, and we were forgiven FOR Jesus' death, not BY it per se. This forgiveness for our scapegoating of Jesus is how God saves us and reorients us to a new way of relating to God and each other.

Then Mark sits down with Jordan Heywood, aka Orijin - emcee and rap artist. This week in Part 2, Jordan talks about how he got his start - from basement gigs to being tapped by Shad to meeting the right people to produce a record. Then Jordan talks about the process of writing and what inspires him, the positive message he gets out there, and the trouble with "categorizing" rap. Finally, he shares how he wants to turn helplessness into action, how he wants to spur change in his listeners, and hod God is speaking everywhere in the world - we just gotta listen.


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