64) Building the Ground Floor | Dr. Ron Kydd (Part 2)


"We don't even have the ground floor that Jesus walked on." What is that ground floor? Community. After a seminar with Paul Sparks (one of the authors of The New Parish) talking about the resurging notion of "parish," Mark reflects on Sparks' observation that where everywhere in the world community has been assumed, the last 200 years have seen a mass erosion of community and commons in North American society on the whole. This is why we mindfully neighbour: to build the ground floor whereby we might work towards wellness in relationships with our neighbours.

Then Mark sits down with Dr. Ron Kydd, Associate Professor of Church History at Tyndale Seminary. This week in Part 2, Ron talks about how he gravitated towards the academy (much to his own surprise) and the doors that opened for him - The Canadian Society for Patristic Studies, President of The Society for Pentecostal Studies, The International Dialogue Between Pentecostals and Roman Catholics, to name a few. Then he shares how he began to feel troubled by some of the things he was seeing and feeling in the Pentecostal tribe and how he moved towards Anglicanism with some angst and trepidation, commenting on the richness and art of the liturgy. Finally, he talks about his book, why history is important, and how an awareness of our past can help us reflect on the future. 


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