65) Jubilee With Us | Dr. Darryl Dash (Part 1)

“The world's questions are not the questions which lead to life. What really needs to be said is that where the church is faithful to its Lord, there the powers of the kingdom are present and people begin to ask the question to which the gospel is the answer.” Inspired by this quote from Lesslie Newbigin on Darryl's blog, this week Mark explores what it means for "the church to be faithful to its Lord" by recalling Luke's retelling of Jesus' birth announcement and Jesus' own announcement of his ministry. In both instances, Luke uses the word "favour" and draws on ideas surrounding the Hebrew Year of Jubilee. What does it mean to do Jesus' Jubilee in the neighbourhood and in our relationships?  


Then Mark sits down with Dr. Darryl Dash - pastor, blogger, church starter. They talk about Darryl's blog and what kept him writing for 14 years - and counting. Darryl tells us about how he came out of fundamentalism - its positive and negative effects - and how he became voracious about participating in the theological conversations of the past decade and a half - all the while pastoring a church. They talk about doing church in post-Christian society, the differences and similarities in the emerging church and The Gospel Coalition, the challenges of understating shifting cultures, and the importance of asking questions in a posture of learning.


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