66) | Doing Violence to our War For Xmas | Dr. Darryl Dash (Part 2)

"Doesn't being non-violent mean doing violence to systems of violence, though?" Inspired by a question from Dan on Episode 61, this week Mark takes a cue from self-deconstructing questions like these and explores how participating in a supposed "war on Christmas" is itself a contradiction of the event being observed: to be angry and aggressive in seeking to re-establish cultural dominance goes against the example of Christmas itself - a holiday observing the way that God insisted on power in weakness and effectiveness in love.  

Then Mark sits down again with Dr. Darryl Dash - pastor, blogger, church starter. In this week's Part 2 of the conversation, Mark and Darryl talk about how relationship is the ultimate peacemaking ingredient in theological disagreement, and how Theology Pub came about from Darryl's desire to unify. Darryl expounds on the importance of having a theocentric faith (rather than anthropocentric), about how preachers must help us reimagine the world rather than fall into self-help, and about how listening rather than "metrifying" is crucial to doing things in the neighbourhood. Finally, he leaves us with thoughts about God's drama and how we are invited to participate, through all our disparate opinions and ideas.


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