69) Gyges in the City | Melinda Estabrooks

There is a legend of a ring whose wearer can become invisible. Plato picked up on this story - the fabled "ring of Gyges" - to explore the philosophical question as to whether a person is truly just and moral. If you were invisible - if you couldn't be seen and found out - would you surrender to destructive appetites? In this episode, Mark explores how the city grants us a measure of Gyges-ness, and contrasts that with being known in community and neighbourhood.

Then Mark sits down with Melinda Estabrooks, longtime personality in media and television, speaker, and currently host of her own radio show, Your Story with Melinda. Melinda shares her compelling story about growing up straddling church life and club life and never feeling fully herself in either place, and about coming to grips with a real-life extension of grace as a gift. She talks about how and why people's stories are so powerful, how she feels God speaks to her and might speak to others, and how her perception of God as Loving Parent has served as a compass for her over the years.  


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