70) Apocalypse: Hope for All or Hope for Me? | Michael Messenger

This week, Mark talks about how Christianity is an inherently apocalyptic faith - fuelled by a conviction that hope is coming and it's here. But... hope for whom? While there is a stream of Christians who take the lifeboat approach - "the world is going down, but there's hope for me" - the message of the prophets, the life and ministry of Jesus, and the experience of the early apostles seems to have emphasized restoration and renewal for a surprisingly broad category: hope for all.

Then Mark sits down with Michael Messenger - President of World Vision Canada. Michael explains the core values of Canada's largest relief agency, the distinction between a "Christian" organization and a "partnership of Christians," and how Christianity guides WV's mandate to alleviate poverty and suffering. He takes on some of the difficult criticisms levelled at WV such as questions around salary and myths around who the agency will and will not help, and stresses the importance of collaborating with others. He shares how WV gains access to disaster- and conflict-stricken places such as Nepal, Jordan, and South Sudan and how he is personally affected by witnessing destruction on a massive scale. Finally, he talks about the core of his faith and how it propels him in his work.


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