73) The Criterion for Welcome | Live Interview with Dr. Terry Leblanc and Danny Richmond

We welcome new people to our workplaces, to our classes, to our dinner parties, to our support groups, to our churches. Why not our neighbourhoods? This week, Mark shares how he welcomed a new family on his street, and how the criterion for welcoming someone seems to be an ownership of place. When we reclaim a feeling of ownership and vested interest in our neighbourhoods, we feel qualified to initiate welcome on our streets.

Then Mark sits down with Dr. Terry Leblanc of NAIITS and Danny Richmond of Ve'ahavta at Tyndale Seminary's Love Your Enemies colloquium. Focusing on the topic of reconciliation, Danny and Terry discuss the concepts of love, enemy, sin, forgiveness, and victimization through their respective Jewish and Christian traditions and through the lens of their own personal experiences as members of historically marginalized cultures. 


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Dr. Terry Leblanc

Danny Richmond

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 Love Your Enemies was held at Tyndale Seminary.


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