74) To Experience Love More Perfectly | Christa Hesselink

Inspired by this week's guest, Mark reflects on her question, "What if transformation wasn’t about God making me more perfect so he could love me more, but instead was about changing me so I could experience his love more perfectly?” In contrast to a religious message that typically argues that change is for worthiness, "change for a better experience of love" is a powerfully liberating proclamation - and it's more consistent with the first-century "shock-value" of Jesus and with his dying words, "Father forgive them; they don't know...."

Then Mark sits down with Christa Hesselink, ordained minister, Director of BIC Canada's Next Generation Engagement, speaker, blogger, and most recently the author of Life's Great Dare - Risking It All for the Abundant Life. Christa talks about how she came to work in the church, and how she started writing a book about transformation in her own life and then opening ever-wider into discovering full expression of what the good news means for her and the world. Christa shares the pain of losing a sibling, fighting cancer, the miracle of transformation in deep pain, and her revisions of God over the years, culminating in addressing the one deep human question that we all ask - the question that resonates in us all.


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