75) Let in the New | Jon Corbin AKA The Runaway

This week, Mark updates the WikiGod community about his latest goings-on, muses about a possible format change of returning to weekly episodes, and reflects about how the past few guests have been all about transformation - and how transformation in any capacity means opening oneself up to something new. "New" leads to transformation. So why not try it?

Then Mark sits down with Jon Corbin aka The Runaway, longtime hip-hop artist and music producer. Mark's education in hip-hop deepens as Jon elaborates on the history and culture of the genre. They talk about Jon's evolution as an artist, his struggles as a young man and the consequences of that on his faith, his passion for tearing down walls between people, his creative process, his darker periods, and how easily the church misses prophetic voices in our greater culture.

Look for Jon's new album, A New Direction, coming in May!


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