80b) "Miracles" and Our Accidental Theism

This week, Mark rather giddily fields a voicemail sent through the website. Evie asks how the third perspective of God's power in Episode 79b - the "limited view" of God - deals with accounts of miracles and Jesus' resurrection in the Scriptures, and what that means for how Scripture itself is regarded in this view.

Mark shares:

  • how this perspective (process theology) challenges our tendency to see the world as theists rather than giving a real place to human, natural and divine agency in concert;
  • how a different idea of the way the world works can redefine our idea of the word "miracle;"
  • how the resurrection of Jesus is explained by some Christians as literal and by others as figurative;
  • how a rigorous view of Scripture needs to hold onto the widely-varying versions of accounts in the Bible itself.


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