84) Anne Woolger

This week, we wiki God with Anne Woolger, founder of Matthew House Toronto, a home for refugees and displaced people who find themselves in Toronto.

Anne talks to Mark about:

  • how she came to believe at a young age that following Jesus should cost something;
  • her first encounter with a refugee and his heartbreaking story;
  • how she came to formally work with refugees;
  • the three kinds of refugees in Canada and their different challenges;
  • the steps in Anne's story that prepared her to take on the momentous task of starting a home for refugees;
  • the amazing 7-year journey that brought Matthew House into being;
  • what day-to-day looks like at Matthew House;
  • how we can engage Matthew House and work with displaced persons in Toronto.

"The problem with the church today is that there are too many good people, nice people doing good things for God. But they’re not seeing God at work - the outside world, they’re not seeing God. They’re seeing these nice people doing good deeds, but they’re not seeing God. Where is the living God? The God of the Bible? The God of great things?" - Anne Woolger paraphrasing Henry Blackaby


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Get involved at Matthew House Toronto: matthewhouse.ca/


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