84b) Where We Live and Move and Have Our Being

Stop me if you've heard this:

  • "We pray to ask God to intervene."
  • "God knows everything, so what's the point of praying?"
  • "Praying doesn't change God, it changes us."

Is there another way to think about prayer?

Inspired by last week's Anne Woolger's account of prayer in the creation of Matthew House, this week Mark talks about God as the one "in whom we live and move and have our being" (Paul quoting the philosopher Epimenides), how God is not a removed "genie" up in the dome above us but rather thicker than the molecular realm all around us, and how prayer closes a loop in our partnership with a God who needs collaboration to ameliorate healing and shalom in the world.

An announcement to wrap up the episode: after 2 years, September 5 will be the last weekly WikiGod episode. WikiGod Podcast will move to a "Seasons" schedule so Mark can start to pursue a new full-time neighbourhood initiative and attempt to find funding for the venture ahead.

A 10-interview-episode WikiGod Season 3 will begin in April of 2017. For more details of the journey past and future, tune into the final weekly Episode 85b) in two weeks.


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