85) Brett McBride

This week, we wiki God with Brett McBride, Lead Pastor of The Peoples Church and former Executive Director of Urban Promise Toronto.

Brett talks to Mark about:

  • how the voice of a friend rocked him into making his faith his own,
  • how patient, understanding parents gave him a safe place to fall,
  • how urban ministry made him a learner/listener rather than a dispenser of "aid,"
  • the differences between parachurch and local church and how they complement one another,
  • what the institutional church has to offer,
  • how large churches can and must resist the temptation to navel-gaze or huddle up, but rather incarnate where people and God are in the neighbourhood.

"People live their lives in the neighbourhood. And we're emphasizing to each of us as members of this community, 'You don't need to leave your home, your street, and drive here so you can do ministry. Your ministry is where [God] has planted you to live, work, play, and enjoy life. We want to equip and learn together what it means to incarnate and serve where we are.'"


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