Photo:  Corina Van Sluytman

Photo: Corina Van Sluytman

Mark Groleau

Mark Groleau holds a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies (Major in Biblical Languages) from Tyndale Seminary and is currently an ordained minister with the Brethren in Christ Canada. Ever open to ideas about God and church, Mark is aiming to bring Toronto's pastors, academics, artists, leaders, and writers together under one virtual roof with the WikiGod Podcast. Ever drawn to the iconoclastic, he seeks to engage God-thinkers of many stripes and to "wiki" God together as a community.

Mark is about two things:

  • unifying the greater church across denominations, and
  • learning how God is perceiving and being perceived out in the neighbourhood.

WikiGod is a collaboration and an invitation to bring connection into our churches, homes, and streets - so our stories change each other, craft a more beautiful faith, and shape a more compelling God.

Three of Mark's favourite people in the world are his wife Naomi, their three-year-old daughter, Oka, and their toddling son, Zane.